Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

I’m walking on air!  Nothing can cloud my joy. This morning I achieved a goal I have been working toward for 5 months now. It all started with the ability to touch my toes in November.


Then I reached my 100 pound milestone.  Check out my celebratory dance in case you missed it.  It was all the rage on YouTube. OK, on my YouTube channel.

Shaking my groove thing!

And today, just this morning, at yoga class, I achieved the next milestone: Hoisting my heft into the air for a shoulder stand!  It may not be perfect, but it will be one day.  It took 5 months, but I DID IT.  My abs, my back, my overall body is so much stronger and more flexible than it was when I started this journey.  Thanks to my yoga teacher, Subhash Mittal, for his unfailing support and excellence and for his outstanding videography.  Here you go:

Shoulder Stand #1!!!!


Post-op 5 months: LessCarmel has LessHair

Hey LessCarmelites!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I have much to be thankful for—my surgeon, Dr Ng; my nutritionist, Mary Gray; my yogi, Subhash Mittal; my personal trainer, Patrick; my massage therapist, Jessica; and all of my wonderful and supportive family and friends.  I could not have gotten here without you.

Getting used to the new normal in Thanksgiving feasting:

That’s a pie plate with 2oz of turkey breast, 2 TBSP sweet potato casserole, and 1/8 cup of fruit salad.  I confess to having a TBSP of pumpkin pie filling for dessert as well.  It felt so decadent!

Here is my updated before and after photo:


And my new video blog for your enjoyment:  5 months post op.

More when I reach -100!  it’ll be worth the wait!


Post-op 4 months: The Amazing Shrinking Woman

I have noticed, LessCarmelites, that whenever I reach the weight I am currently at, people actually start to notice that I am thinner.  People have now started to refer to me as the Amazing Shrinking Woman.  This time, though, the weight is coming off differently.  My stomach is still round and full–that will be the last fat to go and where most of my excess skin will be, I fear.  My legs are getting skinnier, my upper chest/shoulders are leaning out, and I have gotten down to size 16W pants–provided they have a slight bit of stretch to them. 🙂

VideoBlog Update Click Here: 4 Months Post-op

Before and After Photo Comparison


So I remain on track to reach my goal of -100 by January 1.



Post-op, three months: The Doctor Is In

Hey LessCarmelites!

Today’s video blog is all about my weekend away in Memphis and today’s 3-month post-op doctor visit.  The doctor & PA Tricia are very pleased with my 60 pound weight loss since surgery and with all of my blood work.  I am thrilled that I was able to fly without a seatbelt extender and could put my tray table all the way down without my big Buddha getting in the way. Those are huge non-scale victories!

I dreamIMG_1445ed last night that I ate a quarter of a half-gallon of chocolate ice cream and was working on the second half, and that I had already eaten a bag of some sort of pork-rind looking snackage, and I knew it was a problem but I couldn’t seem to stop it.  I think the weekend away was stressful for me food-wise, despite my preparations and eventual food choices. See the giant pig mascot photo from our first BBQ dinner.  I talk about that in my blog, which you can watch here: 3-month check-up.


Post-op, 3 Months: Before & After Update

Hey LessCarmelites!

It’s time for my three month post-op update with video and photos!  I had DS surgery on July 1, so you are getting my update a few hours early because we are preparing for a long weekend trip and I won’t be able to post this tomorrow.  Your impatience is being rewarded!  Lucky you! 🙂  As you can see in the photos below, with the horse and the wall’s edge as perspective, I am definitely smaller now.


As I mention in my video update, it’s only now that people are starting to notice that I am thinner.  No one but me and my doctor seems to believe that I still have 100 pounds (OK, 96) to go to reach goal, but it’s true.  I will confirm that will him when I go to my 3 month post-op checkup on Tuesday and I will report back on my blood test results. Plus I want to get my official weight after the bizarre-o 5 pound weight gain and loss, as well as my official BMI.  It will be a fun-filled appointment.  And I will talk to him about my ass.  More on that in the video.